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Street Food

From the street to the buffet

One of the biggest trends at the moment is street food, and it looks as though it will only carry on growing and become even more widespread. However, the trend is not confined to street food restaurants in large towns and cities – the concept can easily be adapted and served as buffet food.

Product catalogue!

Product catalogue!

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Even though the concept seems new, people were already familiar with idea of street food in ancient Rome, where – as the term implies – it simply meant food bought on the street. But don’t let yourself be restricted by that!

It does not take much at all to transfer the concept to the buffet table, to the delight of your guests. Often, street food consists of just small, simple dishes that are quick and easy to make.

One of the advantages of street food is, in fact, that in addition to tasting delicious, the dishes also look good and can be made with relatively few ingredients per serving.

Inspiring recipes

We have developed a range of recipes for street food dishes featuring fish and seafood for serving to your guests. The recipes include tacos, mini burgers, fish dogs, open sandwiches and wraps.

We have chosen fish and shellfish that are perfectly suited to the street food concept. For example, you’ll find recipes with fish nuggets, shrimps, smoked salmon, lumpfish roe, plaice and snow crab. What they all share in common is that they are easy to handle in the kitchen – the products either need to just thaw or be finished off in the oven.

We hope that you find the recipes inspiring and enjoyable to prepare, and that they go down well with your guests.



See our street food recipes here

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