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Intolerance to gluten, eggs or milk can be difficult. It is now made slightly easier with our all-natural fish breaded with a crispy, gluten-free rice-, chickpea- or corn-based breading.

Royal Greenland presents a range of ovenable, gluten-free products. The range consists of three different fish that besides a gluten-free breading is also free from egg and milk.

Product catalogue!

Product catalogue!

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The delicious breading is based on rice and/or chickpea flour and corn flour - wholesome and healthy wheat alternatives.

The gluten-free products do not hold any eggs or milk either making sure to accomodate those who suffer from intolerance to these items.

All products are easily prepared in the oven directly from frozen. The product are moreover MSC certified, meaning they come from sustainable and environmentally sound fisheries.



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