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Education in Greenland

Our goals and ambitions for education in Greenland are based on UN Sustainable Development Goal #4

We take great responsibility for competence development and education in Greenland's society, in close cooperation with educational institutions and via our own Royal Greenland Academy.

Within the priority Education in Greenland, we focus on 2 subareas:


1. Building Competences in Greenland’s Society 

Royal Greenland is dedicated to contributing to building up competence in our society by offering trainees and apprentices practical training positions under short-, intermediate- and long-cycle higher education. 

Actions and results 2022  

We have a strong focus on Greenland, but we also educate and train employees in other parts of the company. At Group level there were 62 apprentices and trainees in total in 2022, of whom 50 were based in Greenland. In total, 16 apprentices, trainees or students completed their course of education in 2022.  

In Greenland, a total of nine students were attached to Royal Greenland, and 22 students throughout the Group. There is thus good cooperation with universities in several regions, from where students come to Royal Greenland in connection with their master's theses, for example.  

Particular measures are taken to support students from Greenland who are taking vocational higher education programmes. In 2022, a total of 28 students were attached to Royal Greenland via bachelor’s degree or master’s internships and projects. 

2. Royal Greenland Academy 

The Academy coordinates initiatives that will contribute to a good workplace culture, where well-being and job satisfaction are key aspects, just as a large number of statutory courses are also administered via Royal Greenland Academy. 

Actions and results 2022  

After the year of Covid-19 restrictions, training started up again in 2022, and many good courses were held. Our goal was for 20% of the workforce, equivalent to 273 employees, to attend Royal Greenland Academy. In 2022, the number of attendees was 245, which is slightly below the objective.   


In 2022, a total of four Sulisa+ courses were held in Greenland: two of these were Sulisa+ follow-ups for Sisimiut and Nuuk, respectively, while the processing plants in Upernavik and Ilulissat were involved for the first time. At the end of 2022, all of Royal Greenland's largest processing plants had taken Sulisa+, so that the company achieved its goal in 2022.  

When Sulisa+ is held, both managers and employees complete a programme focusing on personal development and trauma therapy, after which managers take a separate course in management and setting values and objectives for the processing plant. Finally, both employees and managers gather for a couple of 'value days', whereby the individual processing plants themselves define which values they will work by and be known for. 

Bootcamp for Royal Greenland’s trainees held in Nuuk  

Bootcamp is an annual physical gathering of Royal Greenland’s trainees in Greenland. The programme for the three-day bootcamp consisted of presentations by the HR department’s development and training unit, teambuilding, group work, individual reflection, and social events such as shared meals and a film evening.  

Internship supervisors gathered for the second consecutive year  

A course was held for internship supervisors of which the purpose was to prepare the individual participants for the role of internship supervisor and to gather input for a coming internship supervisor’s handbook. In total, the course was attended by 11 internship supervisors from different parts of Greenland. The three days of the course were spent on presentations by the development and training department, group work, discussion of challenges and opportunities as a internship supervisor, discussion and points of attention going forward regarding the individual's responsibility for trainees.

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