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Film bank

Watch films about our activities and our core species of quality seafood from the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean.

Fisheries in Greenland

Learn more about the coastal and seagoing fisheries around Greenland

Nutaaq® cod from Greenland

See how the finest cod from coastal fisheries in western Greenland become Nutaaq®

CSR & Sustainability in Royal Greenland

Learn more about Royal Greenlands efforts within sustainability.

Cold-water prawns, inshore

See how the finest prawns are caught in the Disko Bay area in western Greenland.

Cold-water prawns, offshore

See how the finest shell-on prawns are caught by our seagoing factory trawlers, far from shore in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Greenland halibut, inshore fishery

The ultimate Arctic delicacy - see how it is caught and processed by local fishermen in western Greenland

Snow crab

See how snow crabs are caught in traps in the icy fjords in western Greenland.

Lumpfish roe

Explore fishery and processing of lumpfish and its roe in western Greenland.


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