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Canadian Lobster

Whole Cooked Canadian Lobster from Newfoundland

Off the coast of Newfoundland lives a healthy and sustainable stock of hard-shell lobsters. The Canadian Lobster from the clean, cold waters of Newfoundland’s coast is a truly exclusive delicacy in appearance, size and taste thanks to its beautiful red-coloured shell, spectacularly large claws, and delicate white meat which has a mild and slightly sweet taste that is so enjoyable.

Product catalogue!

Product catalogue!

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The meat from these hard-shell lobsters is firmer than soft-shell lobsters and is considered to be very tasty. It is also proven to be the most nutritious due to both its low fat and high protein content. The Whole Lobster is cooked to perfection for optimal meat quality then quickly frozen. It is ready to serve once defrosted.

  • Wild caught in the cold waters of Newfoundland’s coast
  • The hard-shell lobster is packed with firm meat unlike the more-watery soft-shell meat
  • Delicate white and sweeter tasting meat than lobsters living in warmer seas
  • Fresh and unique meat taste – short time from sea to freezer
  • Nutritious – low in fat and high in protein
  • Individually quick-frozen to keep freshness
  • Easy to store – Each whole lobster is placed in a tubular mesh sock
  • To keep the high quality, it is glazed in fresh potable water
  • Carefully packed by hand in cartons
  • Ready to serve, already cooked

The Cooked Whole Lobster is a very luxurious and yet easy dish to prepare. The lobster just needs to be defrosted and is ready to serve. The meat in the lobster claws and tail is a true luxury. The mild, fresh white lobster meat is delicious when complemented with lime, lemon, or garlic and herbs such as thyme and parsley. The Canadian lobster can be served hot or cold and always adds a unique and exclusive look and taste to any serving or buffet.

TIPS! Defrost the lobster in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Split apart the lobster by sticking a knife down into the joint between the head and body, splitting apart the head and body first and finally the tail. Sprinkle a mixture of melted butter and garlic onto the halves of lobster and grill until they are golden, about 3 minutes.



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