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Nutaaq® Cod


Nutaaq® Cod

Royal Greenland has developed a new fishing and processing system that raises the bar for quality in cod. “Nutaaq” means “NEW” in Greenlandic, and the product truly sets a new quality standard for cod by being fresher, brighter and tastier.

With a maximum of two hours from water to freezer, Nutaaq® cod offers a new cod experience. It looks different, it cooks different and it tastes just so much better.



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Cod from Greenland

Cod from Greenland has naturally very white meat and a deliciously delicate flavour, due to the cold, clean environment in which it lives. The quality of any given cod product depends on two things: the origin and habitat of the fish, and gentle and rapid processing from sea to table.

Nutaaq® – A new cod experience

Royal Greenland has invested in a new processing method and, in cooperation with local fishermen, has created a new concept that takes the eating experience to new levels.

We call it Nutaaq® – which is Greenlandic for “new” – to denote an exceptional new quality standard for cod, presented by Royal Greenland. Nutaaq® raises the bar of cod quality since all handling, from catch to finished product, is optimised for one purpose: to preserve the quality of freshly-caught fish.

Nutaaq® cod fisheries

Fishing for Nutaaq® cod takes place for only a few months each year, from April to October when the grown cod leaves the open sea and enters the shallow waters along the Greenlandic coast to spawn. The local fishermen place their net traps next to a rocky outcrop so that the cod is directed into the traps with little possibility of escape. This is an ancient and low-impact fishing method that is selective, as well as environmentally friendly.

When the net is full, the fishermen transport the nets to large seawater pools placed close to the caching areas. Here the fishermen unloads the nets via a zipper-system that enables them to lead the cod directly from their net and into the pools without the cod leaving the water. 

Royal Greenland's well-boat collects the cod from the seawater pools, where the fish are quickly sorted and specimens below 40 centimeters are led back into the sea to reproduce and contribute to the future cod stock. The well-boat transports the larger cod safely and gently below deck in circulated sea water to the factory. 

Nutaaq® Cod Fishery

The well-boat is carefully scooping the live fish on board, directly from the fisherman's net

How the finest cod becomes Nutaaq®

The extraordinarily rapid and careful processing is the main reason for the outstanding quality of Nutaaq® cod fillets. When the time is up, the live cod literally swim into the factory. Here, they are first stunned, then quickly slaughtered and bled in icy-cold water, making sure that all blood leaves the flesh immediately. This gives uniform quality and guarantees that there are no red spots.

The cod is then cleaned, headed, gutted and filleted "pre-rigor" in one mechanical process and then trimmed to perfection by hand. The experienced trimming team scrutinises every fillet for any red spot or gap in the fillet, in which case the fillet can never be graded “Nutaaq®”.

Nutaaq® is trimmed by hand

To guarantee a perfectly white and lean fillet, our experienced trimming team finalises each fillet by hand.

The cod fillet enters the freezer a maximum of two hours after the live cod left the water. It is then quickly frozen and packed according to specifications, ready for dispatch to quality-conscious consumers across the world.

Nutaaq® cod is of exceptional quality, as it is moist and juicy with an extraordinarily fresh taste, allowing chefs and other culinary artists to work their magic and create delicious and beautiful dishes.



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