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Cooked and Peeled Coldwater prawns


Cold-water prawns - from sea to table...

Cooked and Peeled Cold-water prawns is a true classic and favorite. Ideal for the prawn sandwich, prawn cocktail or in a salad where it forms a healthy, low-fat and delicious protein.

The range

Our cooked and peeled cold-water prawns are of the highest quality and comes from sustainable, MSC certified, wild catch in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans. 
The branded items include single frozen prawns in a premium brand design packed in either bags or boxes.

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Inspiring bag design

Premium box design

Besides our branded items we partner with retailers to supply them with private label items.

From sea to table

From sea to table

Royal Greenland is a truly vertically integrated supplier of cold-water prawns - from fishery, processing and quality assurance to packaging and distribution to customers.

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