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Household product range - NEW

High quality, natural seafood items for restaurant quality meals.

Our household range consists of carefully selected items from our North Atlantic fisheries. The vibrant packaging and culinary design make this Royal Greenland branded range an attractive proposition for the general public, E-commerce customers and smaller foodservice and retail outlets.

We have curated some of the best and most exclusive species which are widely used in the out of home market. Our MSC Cooked and Peeled Coldwater Prawns make the perfect prawn cocktail starter on a Christmas menu or at the table entertaining your guests. If you feel more adventurous why not try our snow crab clusters which are a definite show stopper on any plates! If you are not sure where to start, get some inspirations from the easy and tasty recipes developed by our Chef.

It is of course entirely up to you on how you want to prepare your seafood menus and dishes … however you can leave it up to us to bring you the best quality fish and seafood from the North Atlantic! Enjoy!

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Why Greenland halibut?

Why Greenland halibut?

In February 2020, we invited 5 groups of UK consumers to taste Greenland halibut and give us their honest views on the specie and whether it was fit for the UK market. They all did individual blind tasting of the fish before taking part in group interviews.

Consumer findings on Greenland halibut:

Whilst Greenland halibut is not well-known in the UK... The study shows that it is not true to say that it is not WELL-LIKED!

  • 70% of the respondents said they would like to try it at home
  • 58% would choose Greenland halibut in a restaurant
  • The name “Greenland halibut” is positive and associates with clean
    waters, nature and Arctic calm.
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