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Product Overview

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Dive into the unique characteristics of our fish and shellfish from the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to learn more about each products, gain inspiration for cooking with fish and explore our entire range of seafood.

Product news

Lumpfish roe in piping bags

Lumpfish roe is the perfect garnish, adding elegance and a touch of luxury to any seafood serving – and with our new piping bags, it has never been easier to dose, re-seal and store!

Snack it

Explore our Snack´It range of delicious small servings ideal for snack, finger food, appetizers or party food.


We are excited about cooking with seafood and as we develop new ideas, tips, recipes and new flavour combinations, we will happily share these with other seafood enthusiasts.

Facts about fish

Why choose frozen?

Admitted: Nothing can compete with a fresh caught fish landing directly on the plate. Such privileged access to fresh raw material is only for the very few of us and among industry professionals fresh-frozen seafood is preferred over fresh just a few days after catch.

What is glaze?

Glaze is a protective layer of frozen water that helps preserve the freshness of the fish - but make sure that you are not paying for the water!


All Natural

"All Natural" is our product promise of pureness, sustainability and food safety in all of our natural fish.

Clean Label

The Clean Label range comprises uncomplicated products made from everyday ingredients with no artificial additives.

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Film bank

Royal Greenland has great films about our fisheries as well as the different species of fish.