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White fish


Greenland halibut - Atlantic cod

From sea to table

White fish is a much appreciated by British consumers and can be used in a variety of dishes.

The range

Our range of whitefish is focused on convenient, easy-to-prepare products of fine quality and good taste. The species and cuts used are adapted to British palates. The well-known cod in a ovenready format and the more exotic Greenland halibut forms the product range.

Greenland halibut - Tested with consumers

Greenland halibut - Tested with consumers

We have tested how the British consumers liked Greenland halibut, and the conclusion was surprisingly clear despite low experience with the species:

  • The appearance, smell and flavour of the Greenland halibut was liked
  • 68% of consumers stated that they "liked" or "liked alot" the Greenland halibut in a blind tasting
  • None of the consumers stated "do not like at all"
  • 58% of consumers would order Greenland halibut in a restaurant 

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The branded items include both natural and smoked variants in a appealing brand design packed in either bags or boxes.

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Greenland halibut steaks

Cold-smoked Greenland halibut, sliced

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