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Snow crab - Shell-on prawns - Newfoundland lobster

From sea to table

Shellfish is ideal for a luxurious occasions - be it the little everyday, easy to prepare luxury or for those special occasions.

The range

Our range of wild caught, North Atlantic shellfish includes ready-cooked, easy-to-prepare products of the highest quality. The fact that the products are cooked to perfection before frozen gives the consumer a guarantee of a successful meal without stress.

All products come from our own processing facilities in Greenland or Canada.

  • Shell-on prawns - seacooked right after catch on our own vessels fishing the waters around Greenland
  • Snow crab - trapcaught by local fishermen in coastal waters of Greenland or Newfoundland
  • Canadian lobster - trapcaught by local fishermen in coastal waters of Newfoundland

The branded items include single seafood in a premium brand design packed in either bags or boxes.

See examples of branded items

Seacooked Shell-on prawns

Snow crab

Newfoundland lobster, single pack

Besides our branded items we partner with retailers to supply them with private label items.


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