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The new M/tr Sisimiut initiated into the Royal Greenland fleet


The new M/tr Sisimiut has officially been named and initiated into Royal Greenland's fleet of trawlers at an official ceremony in Nuuk.

It was with great pride and joy, Royal Greenland officially named and welcomed the newest addition to the Royal Greenland fleet at an official ceremony, where HR consultant Anja Evaldsen christened the trawler with its name Sisimiut. Prior to the christening, CEO Mikael Thinghuus welcomed the more than 200 invited guests with a speech, presenting the details for the newest technical marvel in the Royal Greenland family:

"We are gathered here today to welcome and christen the newest, biggest and most modern member of the Royal Greenland trawler family. We have chosen to celebrate the arrival and the christening of our latest family member with all of you here in Nuuk, right next to Royal Greenland's headquarters. And because of this it is no secret, that we in a few moments and with a certain sense of solemnity christen this vessel Sisimiut." Mikael Thinghuus said.

The new Sisimiut, which is the third to bear the name, is twice the size of its predecessor with a volume of 5000 gross tonnage.

CEO Mikael Thinghuus and Director of Corporate Relations Jens K. Lyberth welcome the guests

Anja Evaldsen christens M/tr Sisimiut

From the left: Jens K. Lyberth, Anja Evaldsen, Mikael Thinghuus, Malik Olsen and Pauli Olsen

M/tr Sisimiut in the sunset

Significant improvements

The trawler is not only bigger, but offer big improvements on significant aspects for modern fishery, among others that the fuel consumption is not increased even though the trawler is capable of both longer and faster trips and that the technical capabilities of the ship enables full utilization of catch.

"The new Sisimiut is designed with great consideration to sustainable use of resources and environment. The new Sisimiut will utilize the fish 100 percent, because we have our own fishmeal and fish oil factory onboard. There will simply no longer be any discards.", Mikael Thinghuus elaborated. He also emphasized the significance of the investment not only for the Greenlandic fishery in general, but also for the efficiency and quality, while simultaneously improving the sustainability.

The official ceremony for Sisimiut hosted quests from Greenland's self-rule government and legislature as well as municipal council members from Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and other invited locals and took place Wednesday the 14th of August. After the official ceremony, the Sisimiut crew welcomed all citizens from Nuuk on board the vessel.

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