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Cold-water or warm-water prawns?


A prawn is a prawn. …or is it? Does it really matter if a prawn comes from warm or cold waters?

When asked about prawns, consumers will often only distinguish between large and small prawns, which can lead to a disappointing experience. Consumers could use a warm water prawn for a salad and experience them as dull and tasteless. Alternatively, cooking cold water prawns in a hot dish, makes them shrink and go dry. So what is the difference? And how should you use them?

Cold-water prawns

Cold-water prawns originate - as the name implies - from cold, icy waters where they grow slowly and develop their signature taste; a delicate, sweet and salty flavour with a firm and juicy texture. There are several species listed as cold-water prawns, but at Royal Greenland we specialise in Pandalus Borealis. 

We are the world's largest supplier of cold-water prawns and are truly nerdy when it comes to the quality, taste and texture. All our prawns are wild-caught and MSC certified - and we process them at our own factory in Cuxhaven, Germany. 

You can read more about the species and our fishery for the prawns here.  

The delicate texture and taste of the cold-water prawns are not hard to appreciate, but they are however easy to overpower. The cold-water prawns work best as an ingredient in a cold dish, where their gentle and nuanced flavours can take the stage, complimented by mild ingredients for a mouthwatering appetizer, a delicious sandwich or a generous salad. Their distinctive pink colour will bring a wow factor to any plate!

Cold-water prawns also offer a higher spreadability due to their size and will easily appear plentiful in any serving, unlike warm-water prawns which often only offer a few prawns per serving. Try cold-water prawns in cold servings such as open sandwiches, salads and or go for the classic: the prawn cocktail. 

When it comes to this all time UK favourite, we recommend using cold-water prawns as well. Their mild and nuanced flavours and their delicate texture is a perfect counterpart to the crisp and crunchy salads and a creamy Marie Rose sauce - yum! 

Try this prawn cocktail by chef Chris Coubrough

Try this prawn cocktail by chef Chris Coubrough

Try this classic serving with our cold-water prawns, crisp lettuce and creamy avocado topped with Marie Rose sauce.

Find the recipe here

Warm-water prawns

Warm-water prawns are appreciated for their chunky appearance and their ability to absorb flavours and spices. They originate from warm waters across the world with the largest amounts coming from Asia and Latin America. A portion of the catch includes wild-caught warm-water prawns, but the vast majority are farm-raised.  There are numerous species under the term 'warm-water prawns', but some of the more wellknown types are Vannamei, Black Tiger and White Prawn. Royal Greenland solely sells Vannamei. 

Warm-water prawns have a meaty texture and a mild taste, that works very well with bold flavours. Try them in a pasta dish, or fry them gently with loads of garlic and herbs.

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