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Royal Greenland's convenience product range makes it simple to serve fresh and tasty fish in no time

Our convenience products feature uniform cuts that are oven-ready. The portion-ready sizes ensure easy cooking in both small and large kitchens, enabling chefs to provide easy, healthy and nutritious fish meals with little preparation time.


Royal Greenland's factory in Koszalin, Poland, specialises in filleting and processing flat fish and also produces a wide range of convenience products. The factory is home to one of our development kitchens and has an innovative environment, in close contact with both customers and the industry, as a hub for developing exciting new convenience products.

The factory in Koszalin commenced full production in 2009 and the factory has one large hall with automated and manual flat-fish filleting, and one production hall for convenience products. The factory has around 650 employees and is fully certified within MSC, BRC, IFS and HACCP procedures.

Read more about our certificates here

The factory produces convenience products within:

  • Natural fish
  • Breaded fish
  • Battered fish
  • Stuffed and marinated fish
  • Soups

In addition to our existing range, we are continuously developing new products in our test kitchen, based on Royal Greenland's own initiatives and our customers' requests for entirely new convenience products and new solutions for our existing range, such as a new type of spice or breading.

Types of fish

The factory in Koszalin is specialises in working with Royal Greenland's flatfish, especially plaice and Greenland halibut. Flounder, sole and dab are processed, as well as a few round-fish species such as our Atlantic cod, Alaska pollock and salmon. A small selection of shellfish, mainly cooked and peeled cold-water prawns, are used as ingredients in ready meals.


The process from raw fish to finished product is divided into natural fillets and value-added production. The first step is to transform the whole fish to finished natural fish products such as fillets, loins and portions. Then the natural fish products are either packed and sold or used in our production of convenience and ready meals.

Natural fish

The production of natural fillets represents approximately 35 % of the entire production in Koszalin. The factory receives fresh and frozen plaice, dab, Atlantic cod and Greenland halibut that are each processed into:

  • Individually quick-frozen fillets, loins or fillet portions
  • Rolled or folded fillets

The fish is first headed and gutted, and cleaned and trimmed. Then it is filleted and either frozen or further processed into loins or portions.

Filleting and cutting is either by machine or by hand. Royal Greenland's factory in Koszalin operates three filleting lines, three cutting lines for producing loins and portions and one line for hand-filleting, which is mainly used for Greenland halibut.

Finally, the finished natural fish products are individually quick frozen (IQF). From here, some of our products are glazed with a protective layer of water, before being packed and shipped to our customers. A large proportion is used directly in our value-added production at the factory and therefore transferred to another production line inside our facility.

Value-added production

To a large extent, the fish in our convenience products is processed in Koszalin. The close proximity between the processing of raw fish and value-added production ensures fresh raw material of the highest quality and close collaboration between the two production halls.

The Koszalin factory produces a wide range of convenience products, such as:

  • Breaded fish
  • Battered fish
  • Stuffed fillets
  • Marinated and topped fish
  • Soups

Within breading, Koszalin produces varieties ranging from Meuniére and lightly dusted to traditional breading, in a process of up to three steps, depending on which breading is preferred and whether the products must be pre-fried in order to be oven-ready. At Royal Greenland we primarily use our own plaice and flounder fillets in the production of breaded convenience products, as single or married breaded fillets. In addition, Koszalin also produces fish fingers and fish nuggets.

Our battered convenience products are produced from haddock, Alaska Pollack and cod. As for our breaded products, battering also has a three-step process to the finished product, such as battered cod loins and fish nuggets. Some of our products are pre-fried in oil at around 200°C. The pre-frying makes the battered convenience products oven-ready.

Stuffed fillets are mainly plaice or flounder. Royal Greenland's stuffed fillets can be breaded, or a natural fillet rolled around a stuffing such as a mousse or a sauce. Our stuffed and breaded fillets consist of two fillets, with the stuffing placed between them.

Royal Greenland's marinated or topped fish comes in a variety of combinations. The fish used is Atlantic cod, of which a fillet is either topped or marinated. Our marinade flavours include sweet chili, garlic and herbs, BBQ and red Thai. Within topped fish, our flavours include such variants as Indian curry and spicy tomato.

Within fish soups, Royal Greenland's factory in Koszalin produces convenient and ready meals. Our product range includes a classical Bouillabaisse and a lobster soup, and we are continuously developing and testing our existing recipes and new variants.

Before leaving the production area for our value-added range and entering the packaging area, each product is individually quick frozen (IQF).

Royal Greenland's factory in Koszalin also produces a Clean Label range that comprises products with natural ingredients and an authentic taste. The Clean Label products have no E-numbers, are GMO-free and only contain well-known everyday ingredients.

Read more about our Clean Label range here.


From processing, all finished products enter packaging. Royal Greenland offers an array of packaging types to accommodate our customers within food service and retail.

The products are weighed, packed, clearly marked and weighed again. Before leaving the packaging area, all products pass through a metal detector to eliminate the risk of metal splinters of any kind and to ensure a high standard of food safety.

After leaving the packaging area, all products are labelled, put on pallets and stored in freezers, before they are dispatched across the world to our customers.

Quality control

To ensure that the very best products are delivered to our customers, a number of control procedures are executed daily for the raw materials, ingredients, machinery, packaging material and finished product. Samples are kept of every finished batch for continuous quality control during the entire shelf-life of the product. All products are also registered in SAP for full traceability.

New product development

In Royal Greenland's development kitchen in Koszalin, our product developers are one of many important links between us, the industry and the customers. Here, everything from customer enquiries, adjustment of recipes and the development of new products are handled. The development kitchen collaborates closely with production and has in-depth knowledge of all ingredients, to support the work of inventing, developing and testing new products and recipes. The development of new recipes and the adaptation of existing ones is both proactive and reactive, to ensure that Royal Greenland continuously inspires customers and meets the demand from markets across the world.

Convenience in the kitchen

Royal Greenland's convenience products make it easy to cook for children and adults using fresh and tasty fish. Whether the mood calls for a moist loin of natural fish, a steaming hot bowl of soup, or a crisp, breaded fillet, our well-assorted convenience products provide the very best quality for our customers.

Our convenience products feature uniform cuts that are oven-ready. The portion-ready sizes provide for easy cooking in both small and large kitchens, enabling your chef to provide easy, healthy and nutritious fish dishes within a short space of time.

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