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Together towards the goal

Royal Greenland runs its business while respecting the individual and society at large and acts with integrity and transparency.

Royal Greenland operates in multiple locations in a widespread geographical area. Across locations, cohesion is pursued via common values, knowledge and skills.

Skilled employees and managers at all levels are essential for the business. Therefore, it is the company's task to ensure the recruitment, retention and training of a competent and diverse workforce made up of individuals with the right professional and personal skills.

Focus on training
To ensure the continued growth of the company, further training is required for employees and managers. This is ensured through participation at internal and external courses, as well as on-the-job training. We want to invest in our employees for the sake of growth and development of the company, society at large and the individual employee.
Royal Greenland focuses on:

  • Strengthening personal development through courses and mentor schemes
  • Promoting professional competencies through training
  • Developing the company's managers.

As the largest company in Greenland, Royal Greenland wields considerable influence in most towns and settlements. We therefore want as many employees as possible to participate in courses at both the personal and professional level. The courses are organised by the Royal Greenland Academy.

The Royal Greenland Academy, at the core of our training of production workers, operates at a high level of activity. Numerous courses in e.g. personal development and at management level as well as individual courses are set in motion.


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