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Offshore data collection


Speed, real-time data-exchange and value creation are key points in the ongoing implementation of more and more digital and automated tools taking place at Royal Greenland. Onboard our new sea-going trawlers, data is collected via tablets that send the data directly to the ERP system SAP, resulting in faster sales.

New trawlers – new technologies

The fishing season of 2020 counts two entirely new trawlers in the Royal Greenland fleet; M/tr Sisimiut and M/tr Avataq.

The commissioning of the new trawlers has also required the deployment of a broad range of new technology, software and data-intensive systems. A modern trawler holds a range of digital systems, automated surveillance and direct reporting opportunities.

Quality reports are a prerequisite for sales

A part of Royal Greenland’s catch is sold directly for the industrial market without further processing on land. These are processed and packed directly onboard the trawlers in their production and packing facilities.

An essential document required for sales of the product is the quality report. Previously the quality reports were completed once the catch was landed and the quality departments on land could conduct their analyses and documentation.

One of the many new elements on board is the introduction of a tablet solution for quality inspections which is of real significance for sales and rapid market access. Via the cloud solution SAP QM Movilizer, which has been used elsewhere in the Group for a few years, it is now also possible to receive ongoing quality data from the new trawlers. As soon as data has been entered via a Movilizer tablet, it is sent to SAP, where it can be analyzed by the quality departments and batches can be released for sale. This is a great advantage for the sales department, which enables them to sell the products while they are still on board the trawler, since quality reports can be shared with customers long before the trawler docks at the quayside.

On land, the quality departments can now focus on controlling the data, once the catch has been landed, before the products can be shipped directly to customers instead of awaiting quality release from stock.

Super-users were present on M/tr Sisimiut and M/tr Avataq during the commissioning period and will continue the implementation in the rest of Royal Greenland's fleet.

Data collection via tablet will in the future be implemented in other parts of the value chain

Cloud technology and collection of real-time data via tablets is spreading to many parts of Royal Greenland’s long value chain. Tests of solutions within sourcing and stock management are being conducted and a project group is also working on a mobile solution for fishermen that can enter their catch data on sea, before they land their catches at one of Royal Greenland’s facilities.

The new technologies reduce time-to-market and contributes to the elimination or reduction of waiting time, bottlenecks and double administration in the pursuit of getting the goods as fast and efficient to the market as possible.

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