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Why small prawns can be a big advantage


The cold-water prawn is a good source of protein and selenium, low in calories and has a high content of several vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, zinc and iodine.

The sweet and small cold-water prawns are back with a steady supply and attractive prices.

Cold-water prawns have long been a coveted food, known for its delicate, fresh flavour and juicy texture. In the UK the prawns are particularly popular and often enjoyed as a savoury item in sandwiches and salads. For some years, the prices on prawns have been both high and quite unstable. Though prices are stabilizing on a high level for prawns in general, there are advantageous prices with the chance to save up to 25% on using small prawns compared to large.

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Explore our product database

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The small prawns are ideal for sandwiches and other prepared food and the small prices give the opportunity to extend the offer of cold-water prawns at a great price to the consumers, once again making food 2 go with cold-water prawns within price range of a larger crowd.

The smaller prawns offer excellent spread coverage in prepared food items. When using small prawns, the percentage of coverage rises greatly, making the food both look and taste more plentiful to consumers.

Healthy and delicious

Small prawns are perfect for prepared food for customers on the go, providing maximum flavour and spread coverage for less cost

The prawns are also a healthy choice and fit right into a balanced diet with their natural content of vitamins and minerals and their low fat and high protein distribution. With a mild and delicate flavour, the prawns are a real crowd pleaser with many options for adding a personal touch through the seasoning or the combination of ingredients.

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