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Top 10 reasons for choosing frozen fish


Frozen fish make some chefs cringe into a frown – because they think it's not fresh. But frozen IS fresh, packed with flavours, vitamins and advantages for the professional kitchens. Explore our list of the top 10 advantages you will have when working with frozen seafood!

Working with frozen fish can give you and edge - especially when it comes to food waste and menu design. Several scientific studies have concluded that frozen fish products offer excellent quality, and compared to fresh food, 47 % less frozen food is wasted, concludes a study by Sheffield Hallam University. 

The study has examined various different types of food waste, and found that frozen fish products are very seldom wasted, with only 6 % of the households ever throwing them away, compared to the 51 % of households throwing frozen food away in general. But there are many more advantages  than these - check out our list of benefits offered when choosing frozen!

1. Packed with vitamins and flavour. 
Royal Greenland's fish is frozen instantly after catch – some directly onboard the trawler. This locks in all the flavours and vitamins and preserves the freshness, since the bacteriological degredation has not started.

2. Better consistency and meat texture
Since the frozen fish is not en route for up to two weeks before arriving at the fishmonger, the structure of the meat is much better preserved

3. Easy to handle
Frozen fish has already been processed, when it arrives in your kitchen. That means less preparation time and easy portioning.

4. Cooks better
Because of the freezing, the fish cooks better. For a cod this means that it is more prone to create those nice and big, juicy flakes.

5. Reliable delivery
Regardless of the season you can put fish on your menu

6. Better prices
Frozen seafood is not sensitive to the season, weather conditions or quotas, often beating down pricings.

7. More fish on the menu
Having a freezer stocked with fish makes you able to present a varied selection of seafood dishes to your diners.

8. Checked bacteriology
Quality control is massive for frozen seafood, ensuring a safe product

9. Less food waste
By using frozen food in general, you can cut food waste in half and reduce it by 47% (study by Sheffield Hallam University)

10. Better environment
Greenhouse gas emissions are further reduced in the frozen food supply chain, where waste is produced further up in the value chain than for fresh food. Therefore this waste can be reused or recycled, rather than being sent to the landfill. 

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