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Make the exclusive seafood go further


Make the exclusive fish and shellfish go further, giving you a higher yield from the fish, and even getting very satisfied guests. Explore a few quick and easy tricks to make your seafood go further.

Royal Greenland has collected some ideas and tricks from our chefs and cooperating chefs to inspire you with ideas to improve the yield from the exclusive raw seafood material – such as prawns, scallops, Greenland halibut, etc.

Delicious and exciting small bowls or micro-plate servings

A small bowl with a tiny delicious treat of fish or shellfish on top. The flavour mix, the colour mix and the visual presentation of the shellfish topping are key to satisfying the guests. Serve on buffets or as tapas.
Nutaaq cod on top of crushed avocado with lemon – delicious. You can also replace the Nutaaq with snow crab or shell-on prawn.
Spicy noodles topped with cold-water prawns - beautiful. You can replace prawns with snow crab.

Exciting small bowls or micro-plate servings

Nutaaq cod
On top of crushed advocado with lemon
Cold-water Prawns
On top of spicy noodles and vegetables
Gourmet smoked halibut
As a topping on bulgur and black beans

Gourmet slices of smoked halibut as a topping on bulgur, black beans and carrots is exquisite. You can replace the halibut with smoked salmon or another smoked fish product.

Elegant tall-glass surprises

Get an elegant look by building the small treats up tall – either layer by layer or with base vegetable/fruit/pasta mixed together. The key is to decorate with the seafood on top, to catch the eye and optimise the shellfish or fish experience.
Tiny bruschetta with smoked halibut that can easily be replaced with shellfish or salmon.
Halibut on top of a winter salad, or with cold-water prawns on top. The hotsmoked halibut is placed on radishes, cabbage and smoked cheese. The cold-water prawns are mixed with tasty almond crust and served with a marinated lensesalat.

Elegant tall-glass surprises

Hotsmoked halibut
On top of radishes, salad, smoked cheese etc.
Smoked greenland halibut
On top of bruchetta with olive oil
Cold-water prawns
In almond crust and lense salad

The tiny appetizer of bruschetta and cold-water prawns balanced on the wine glass may perhaps not be allowed by the sommelier, but looks extremely festive.

Small and delicate seafood cuts on platters

Scallops are ideal to use as a buffet item or hors d'oeuvre, cut into smaller pieces and decorated on a platter. Here with cauliflower slices and passion fruit purée.  

A beautiful smoked salmon-salat from potatoes, lumpfish roe, bacon and eggs. Filling ingredients – smaller cuts of salmon still makes a delicious serving. 

Small and delicate seafood cuts on platters

Newfoundland scallops
On cauliflower slices etc.
Breaded Atlantic cod
On a winter vegetable salad
Smoked salmon
With potatoes, bacon, eggs

Breaded cod on a winter vegetable salad - could also be replaced with lobster chunks and topped with a large lobster claw to identify the lobster meat and give an exclusive lobster look.

Lobster ravioli in a strong lobster bisque with mango salad and chive oil. The lobster is cut into smaller pieces and placed inside the ravioli.

Small servings on platters are an ideal way to use exclusive fish varieties – use wraps, pancakes or blinis with toppings such as smoked cod or cold-water prawns.

Small stylish servings on platters

Cold-water prawns
On blinis
Canadian Lobster Ravioli
In a strong lobster bisque
Smoked Atlantic cod
On tortillas

Reinvented sushi-style shellfish

Play with sushi-style fish with different wraps and cooked fish or shellfish. For wraps, use cabbage or tortilla wraps. Stuff with horseradish cream, cucumber, avocado, spinach, lumpfish roe and ad a bit of smoked fish, crab or lobster.

Reinvented sushi-style shellfish

Smoked salmon & roe
In cabbage, advocado etc.
Smoked Cod
In wrap with spinach
Hotsmoked salmon
In tortilla with cabbage

All of the above suggestions could inspire to make the most of the budget and make the seafood go further.

See a selection of seafood recipes here.

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