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How to: tips for cooking cod


The cod is probably the most well known fish in the western world; it has been on the menu since the Middle Ages and there are probably as many suggestions for serving cod as there are people in the UK. But if you feel more like free-styling in the kitchen, we give you our tips to cooking cod; from basic flavour and texture to sensory pairings and themed servings!

The Atlantic cod has crisp-white meat and big, chunky flakes of meat that are rich in iodine and selenium. The taste is mild and slightly sweet with plenty of umami, loved across the world and perfect for even children and beginners within seafood. Prior to cooking the cod, we recommend a gentle thawing in refrigerator to preserve all the complex flavours. 

If you are going for a classic cod dish with natural fish, we recommend choosing a cut with skin, as the skin helps gather the fish and prevents that it breaks during cooking. On the other hand, a cod smothered in crisp batter or breading is best without any interruption from skin.
Depending on, whom you plan to serve your cod for, you can vary your choice of cut. A fillet is generally suited for a buffet, where a cod loin is perfect for a beautifully arranged a la carte serving. 

Explore our cuts

Explore our cuts

We offer a range of cod in different cuts and sizes. For a full overview of your options, have a look at our range here:
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The Atlantic cod is a lean fish, which sets particular demands to cooking it. Cook it too long and it will go dry, but cook it just right and you will have a juicy mouthful packed with flavour.

Some general tips for cooking cod includes:

• Cook it slowly at low heat for a moist and consistent texture all over
• Use strong heat for a firmer texture, but be careful of the after heat to avoid overcooking the delicate fish
• Always prepare pre-fried cod with breading or batter directly from frozen. Pay extra attention to the temperature and avoid ending up with burnt batter and raw fish.

To serve a well-composed dish with cod, the aim is to implement all five basic flavours for a satisfying and balanced meal.
Some suggestions for cod are:

• Sweet: grilled bell peppers, orange, potatoes or baked tomatoes
• Sour: Lemon, pickled onions, baked apples or crème fraiche
• Bitter: arugula, beer, cauliflower or lightly toasted walnuts
• Salt: feta cheese, cold-water prawns or flakes of sea salt
• Umami: browned butter, egg, avocado or green asparagus

You can also try sticking with ingredients from a specific cuisine for exciting flavour combinations. The Chinese cuisine is packed with crunchy vegetables and bold flavours that play well with the large, juicy flakes from the cod. Use spicy elements as garlic or ginger, apply soya for a salty flavour and add rice vinegar for acid. Try adding a little sugar to balance the umami from the cod.

Need more inspiration?

Need more inspiration?

Try our recipes with cod as they are or give them your own personal twist.
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