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Finally…The Grand Re-opening is here!


Finally, what we have all been waiting for – the lockdown is slowly coming to an end and we can all get a glimpse of normality back in our lives.

For restaurants and pubs this is also the time to regain what you lost during lockdown. We know that purse strings may be tight, so we’ve gathered some inspiration from our in-house chefs to make up for lost profit with some cost-efficient seafood recipes with a shared theme: Easy and cheap to execute and perfect for outdoor serving and take away!

Fish ‘n’ chips

Cod is a crowd-pleaser in the UK, and you will never go wrong with the eternal classic Fish ‘n’ Chips. Everybody has an opinion on what constitutes the best version of this dish – so joining in on the discussion, we give you our version developed by chef Chris Coubrough:

To make the most of your cod fillet, use any remaining offcuts for goujons for the kids, for burgers or for fish cakes like here, where we have made fish cakes with mash, veggies and a mango dip:

Fish cakes

Fish cakes

Try these tasty, golden brown fish cakes made from minced cod meat - here we have plated them with mashed potatoes, marinated vegetables and a creamy mango dip. 

See the recipe

Prawn cocktails

We love prawn cocktails – and as the world’s largest producer of cold-water prawns, we know that a prawn is not just a prawn and that the right prawns make all the difference for this simple and classic serving. Because of the simple and elegant setup, prawns can take centerstage and few prawns go a long way when creating an inviting plate design.

If you are looking for a new take on this classic, we have asked our chef Ryan Perratt to develop some new recipes to push the prawn cocktail out of the comfort zone and into these new and cool ideas for you:

Looking for something different?

Take a look at our recipes perfect for takeaway or outdoor serving here.


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