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Britain’s top 5 for takeaway


Are you offering takeaway? We have gathered some takeaway friendly recipes to give the classics a twist!

Fish ‘n’ chips

Winston Churchill called them "the good companions". John Lennon smothered his in tomato ketchup. Fish n' chips are a true national favourite of Great Britain and was voted as the number 1 favourite takeaway in 2019. The type of fish differs depending on who you ask and here at Royal Greenland, we would go for our Nutaaq® cod.


Not surprising, pizza also tops the list of favourite takeaway for the Brits, great for staying in and cozying up. Try it with seafood toppings such as cold-water prawns, smoked salmon or even lobster. For the seafood editions, try replacing the usual tomato sauce with sour cream instead.


Burgers come in all shapes and sizes – seafood editions included! Let your customers sink their teeth into  crab cakes served as sliders or go for a fish ‘n’ chips edition with a piece of battered cod, wrapped in a bun with crisp lettuce and a spoonful of mushy peas.


Sushi has really jumped the list the past decade as a great match for a night in with the family. If you are up for something different than the usual salmon or tuna rolls, we recommend snow crab makis or nigiri with cold-water prawns (known in Japan as ama ebi, which means sweet prawn) – but the sky’s the limit and sushi can be customized endlessly to fit your customers taste.


Pasta is an ideal candidate for an easy-to-prep and quick-to-serve meal. Try serving pieces of lobster with cream, grated cheese and toss it with some linguini or what about a classic mussels and prawns in a tomato/white wine sauce? We’ve asked our chef Ryan Perratt to make a tasty snow crab linguini – take a look in the video here:

Snow crab linguini

Watch chef Ryan Perratt cook a stunning snow crab linguini



Explore our recipes for takeaway

Explore our recipes for takeaway

Explore all of our recipes for seafood themed takeaway here

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