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Organic breading

Royal Greenland's new range of fish with organic breading is ovenable straigh from the freezer and are available as plaice, saithe or cod fillets.

Royal Greenland now offers a range of fish in a crispy, organic breading. The range consists of 3 types of fish that are all ovenable straight from the freezer.



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Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about what they eat and the demand for an organic option on the menu is on the rise. As a direct result of this, we have developed a range of fish in a crispy, organic breading.

The range consists of:

  • Plaice fillet (120-140g)
  • Saithe fillet (120-140g)
  • Cod fillet (140-160G)

All three fish are MSC certified and labelled with Clean Label. All of these certify that the products are caught sustainably, are a healthy choice for you and that the products are free of artificial additives. In addition all three products have a 60% content of fish, assuring you a tasty bite of juicy fish inside the crispy breading.

What is organic?

What is organic?

Organic food is grown and manufactured without use of pesticides, GMO and additives. All manufacturers within organic food work based on a carefully defined set of rules for what can be determined as organic. It is only when these rules are followed, that a product can be labeled organic.

To secure a simple and easy process for handling fish in the professional kitchens, the products are prefried and ovenable, making it easy to add an organic fish item to the menu. Besides the organic breading, the items do not contain milk or eggs either making them a suitable option for persons with allergies. 

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